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Telling your brand story through social media

In a highly competitive and noisy market, making your brand stand out above the rest and resonate with its target audience is the Holy Grail. Humanising your brand and making it appeal to your audience is key to building powerful relationships and displaying your brand values. One great way to humanise your business is through storytelling…

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is an effective way to communicate with your customers. It taps into their emotions by doing more than simply selling products.

One theory about why humans learned to speak states that it was to share stories and gossip as much as it was to learn how to say “Look out for that woolly mammoth…”. Your business is a rich vein of stories and anecdotes, but it’s easy to get caught up in ‘selling products’ and forget about the history and people behind the company. By sharing this information you’re not only humanising your brand, you’re giving your audience an insight into how your business works, the people behind it and its values, which all leads to customers buying into your brand as well as your product.

Where to start?

It’s tricky when you’re in the business to work out where to start – you live and breathe it every day and you’re probably already thinking “Is it really going to interest anyone?”, but there’s a few simple places to start…

  • History – how did you company come to be? More often than not there was a lightbulb moment at some point which drove the businesses inception.
  • People – people love people! Share pictures of your employees, what they love, what motivates them to come to work every morning.
  • Insights – how is your product made? When we pick up a Coke from the shop shelf, there’s very little connection to what’s actually in the bottle or how it came to be there. Share insights which help your customer to understand the products they’re buying better.

How to go about it?

You can bring your story to life in a huge variety of ways! Use candid office shots (forget the professional photoshoots!) and make it personal by promoting products using quotes or testimonials from customers. Identify your tone of voice too, the most interesting stories aren’t written in Queen’s English, your story will resonate more if you speak in relatable voice – if you’re a West Country business born and bred, use the local dialect!

Selling more than simply your product or service is a great way to build a highly engaged and like-minded audience. If your customers are buying into your brand as well as your products, the likelihood is they’ll be much more invested and more likely to turn into a loyal customer and maybe even a brand advocate.