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Chocolate cake with pears

The Great British Social Media Off

It’s that time of year again! The Great British Bake Off is kicking off and the entire nation is perfecting their showstoppers so that when they finally post pictures of their cakes and bread to social media, they look perfect! What you don’t usually see is the half a dozen much less pretty cakes just out of shot, along with the dog that’s so stuffed full of cake that it keeps sneezing a cloud of icing sugar.

The great thing for us is that now that just about every social media platform has effectively turned into a celebration of combining just the right elements in the right proportions to make something sweet, tasty or a showstopping spectacle and we can shamelessly brandjack the whole thing to show people exactly why you should approach your social media in exactly the same way as a cake.

Chocolate cake with pearsIngredients:

  • Large selection of mixed content – you can prepare this in advance or make fresh when appropriate
  • Appropriate tone for your audience
  • A little time to take care of your customers
  • Knowledge of your product/company
  • A sense of humour
  • Infographics or pictures for decoration


  • Before beginning to combine your ingredients, first prep your platform. Look at your existing followers and what they expect from your product. Identify what you have that they’d be interested in and any wider issues from your industry that you can include to your base to help fatten it up.
  • Now take your mix of content and spread it generously across the week. If you’d like a slightly sweeter profile, then add in a few extra nice or funny stories. Bind it all together using your product knowledge and use your audience-appropriate tone to match the content you’ve chosen.
  • Once set onto the platform, leave it to settle but keep a careful eye on how it rises and the reach you achieve. You may need to use some of the extra time from your ingredients if it begins to fall sharply. Remember, if things start to go seriously wrong, you will need to step in to prevent complete collapse.
  • Once your posts are live, leave to cool slightly; there’s nothing to be gained from reposting verbatim several times a day, it will only make your audience bitter. It’s important to keep this kind of recipe organic and use audience interaction to reinvigorate your posts with retweets, comments or replies.

The wonderful thing about this recipe for social media loveliness is that it’s not strictly about the quantities you add; if something works particularly well for you, you can always add more. The most important thing to remember is that this, unlike Great British Bake Off, shouldn’t just be something that’s done for an hour every Tuesday night. To see the greatest results, dipping in little and often to take care of your social media is advisable.

If you’d like On Fire Marketing to have a look at your social media mix get in touch! Just think of us as the Prue and Paul of social media, but younger and not quite so scary!